Primo Volo, Veneto Piedmont and Tuscany

Organoleptic features

The color is of a deep and intense ruby red with purple reflections. The range of scents – round, intense and delicate – is vast and varied. The start is rich in notes of smooth and ripe raspberry followed by balsamic and cherry scents. The taste fully expresses the elegant fragrance of Merlot as well as the smooth and silky structure of the Barbera, evolving in a long lasting moment of complex sensations, from plum to raspberry fruits, finishing on the balsamic and spicy scents of Sangiovese. The finish, full and generous, ends with notes of almonds and hazelnut. Elegant tannins give persistency to the taste.

Production Technique

PrimoVolo is obtained with the best Merlot, Barbera and Sangiovese grapes, grown in the vineyards of the respective wine-makers. The ageing is done separately in small French oak barrels for more than a year. The refining goes on for a few months in dark cellars and in lay-down bottles until its perfect maturation.

Gastronomic pairings

PrimoVolo is very best served with important red meat, game and strong and tasty seasoned cheese. When drunk alone it releases its full and complex structure, intensity and elegance.

Why PrimoVolo?

Born during the flight back from United States of Giordano and Andrea, it does not only join their deep friendship, but also two estates which are historically routed in their respective regions. The first Vintage, in 1999, sees the union of the elegant Merlot and the intense Barbera. Since the 2000 vintage, a new partner, Sergio, and another great and strong Italian red wine, his Sangiovese, have become part of it. The three grapes creating this wine, representing the history and tradition of the respective viticultural areas, led to a smart, unique and original wine, that far from confusing territories, exalts them at their best.