Colli Euganei white wines, on sale

Every white wine produced belongs to the Colli Euganei DOC quality assurance label. For our land and hills, each offering amazing soil quality and sun exposure, they give our vines unrivalled growing quality to deliver excellent wine production.

The Yellow Moscato and Pinot Blanc are amongst the best white wine grapes that we produce in our vineyards. Whose traditional white grapes are a perfect accompaniment to seafood appetizers, risotto, delicate pasta dishes and white meat-based dishes.

The Piùchebello label is also ideal as an aperitif.

With meticulous eco-friendly production process standards, the vineyards reflects our legacy to the land. Vines are supported by acacia logs and no chemical substances are used. Furthermore our Farmhouse and Wine Cellar are both solar-powered.

Wine tasting is available Tuesdays to Saturdays in our Wine Store.

Additionally our white wines can be purchased online from our dedicated store:

Euganean Hills wines, buy online

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