Holiday villa Euganean Hills, discover our services

Holiday in a villa in the region of the Euganean Hills: have you ever stayed in an old unique and unforgettable aristocratic home? Villa Emo Capodilista was built in 1568 from a Dario Variotari project, a painter pupil of Veronese with a real passion for architecture, who designed and decorated this house with frescoes representing mythological scenes or the tradition of his family, cherubs and grotesques.

Located on the top of the La Montecchia hill, shows a square plan with identical facades connected by two story loggias. The enchanting holiday Villa tells the history of the Counts: the seven residences owned at that time, for example, are painted in the rooms, and behind them you can notice the Castle of Mottolo.

An enticing view which seems to refer to the background of the Venetian painters of the 1500s. Spending a holiday here is really magic. Ask your tailored quotation writing to:

It is also visitable, by booking a tour for a minimum group of fifteen people. More information at the visit’s page.