Great Vintages, for sale

Capodilista’s family historical vineyards extend on and around the Montecchia hill. This land belongs since the Middle Ages to the same Owners. To this date our Establishment carries the long standing tradition to keep alive the legacy between past and present in the history of wine making.

Great Vintages wine is the ideal selection to taste this history in our wine tasting cellar. To find out how wines evolve over time, we store the best wines produced in the most favourable seasons.

Some dating back to 1993, we also keep wine labels of those vintages that are no longer produced.

Vertical tasting is also available in our store for wine lovers, alternatively this may also be organized at the Alajmo’s Family La Montecchia Restaurant: the best culinary tradition and flavours combined with our best wines selection.

As for our entire wine labels, Great Vintage wine may be purchase on our online dedicated store:

The on-site wine store is open Tuesdays to Saturdays.

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