• primovolo rosso tavola

    primovolo rosso tavola

    Organoleptic features The color is of a deep and intense ruby red with purple reflections. The range of scents – round, intense and delicate - is vast a...
  • treperuno rosso tavola

    treperuno rosso tavola

    In this wine, Giordano Emo Capodilista, Sergio Zingarelli and Andrea Faccio bring together the Merlot grapes from their respective vineyards in the Vene...

Primo Volo project, red table wines

Combining not only three leading international wine establishments, the Primo Volo project embodies in each bottle the unique flavours of the most famous wine regions of Veneto, Tuscany and Piedmont.

Flying back from the United States, Giordano Emo Capodilista and Andrea Faccio were fantasizing about blending the unique flavours of Merlot and Barbera wines. They continued the conversation once off the plane and decided to turn this fantasy into reality, along with dear friend Sergio Zingarelli’s Sangiovese.

This is how PrimoVolo came to life: the famous three grapes each representing its historical legacy, representative of their regions and the long tradition in the wine sector. Combined to deliver an unique and original classy wine, whose blend does not confuse the regions for it greatly enhances them.

Expressing three distinctive personalities, joined together by a great friendship: indeed a “Fantasy” PrimoVolo.

The Treperuno subsequent wine label was later added to this selection through friendship and passion that drives this project: a red table wine with 100% Merlot grape variety from three regions, perfectly blended one another.