Extra virgin olive oil, strong authentic flavor

The Count Giordano Emo Capodilista has another great passion: the extra virgin traditional olive oil.  The Euganean Hills region shows, on the slopes of Monte Castello in Baone, the southest hill of the Veneto, 30 kilometers far from the sea, about three hundred plants producing an excellent oil DOP, including one of the oldest trees in the Park, a variety called favarol, 450 years old.

Villa Rita” is our main product, an “extra pure virgin” showing an intense yellow color, with greenish reflections and a light slicy taste, obtained with a blend of the Euganean Hills’ varieties Rasara, Frantoio, Leccino, favarol, Matosso, Grignano and Pendolino. It’s ideal for dressing raw vegetables and dips, or just to enrich lovely cooked dishes or simply to eat on a slice of bread with salt. The latter is probably the most simple, original and easy way to apprecciate its own organoleptic properties.

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