“Villa Rita” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Count Giordano Emo Capodilista has another great passion: the extra virgin traditional olive oil. There are approximately 300 olive trees on his estate, each one carefully planted in Mount Castello in Baone, very closed to Este. One of the oldest olive plants, at 450 years of age, is a variety called favarol.

PLANT VARITIES: rasara, frantoio, leccino, favarol, matosso, grignano and pendolino

ORIGIN: Monte Castello

COLOR: intense yellow and light green reflections

AROMA/TASTE: pleasant and clean scent, is reminiscent of freshly pressed oil. It offers the palette a bold taste where a slightly pungent flavour unites with an inkling of the scent of freshly cut grass. The aftertaste is clean yet at the same time long lasting. This fruit of nature from the Colli Euganei can be considered among the great extra virgin oils of Italy.

PRESSING: cold pressed

PACKAGING: 0,5 lit.